Your chalet « branché » at Mont-Sainte-Anne

Enjoy free high speed wi-fi internet for your next stay at the cottage in the cedars at MSA. Here’s a change from hotels and cottages with poor internet service…

A reliable connection, simple and fast

At « chalet dans les cèdres » we understand that even when on vacation, you might have to check on emails once in a while. We also undertsand that your teens might ABSOLUTELY have to stream the latest episode. Your spouse wants to download an album? No problem at Chalet dans les Cèdres:

  • Download speed: 30 Mbits/s
  • Upload speed: 10 Mbit/s

It’s 2016 at « chalet dans les cèdres »

Let’s be honest many hotels and cottages offer you an internet connection from 1998:

  • Connection problems
  • Slow speed and crowded network
  • Repeat logins
  • Usage fee??

We offer you a connection that is fast, reliable and simple, just like at home. So for your next Mont-Sainte-Anne or Quebec city vacation, think of booking chalet dans les cèdres